Friday, 20 May 2011

The Royal Wedding

29 April 2011
To celebrate the royal wedding B.D. kindly took the kiddos to a soft play area while I got things ready to fully experience the big event. More than an hour before the start of the wedding, my wonderful auntie called, on Skype, from Alaska (it was midnight her time, now that's commitment), and we shared a bottle of champagne and watched all the dignitaries arrive.  Her wonderful husband served as sommelier, unfortunately only for the Alaska-based bottle.

Blue Coat School really got into the royal wedding too, with a day of celebrations. The kids made special hats and watched a wedding re-enactment (with Max's nursery teacher from last year, the one he wanted to marry....he must have gotten over it because we didn't hear anything about it).

But it must be said, the Brits are thrilled with our new princess, and our very humble and handsome prince.

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